Riviera Grill & Sushi Exotic Cuisine

Welcome to Riviera Grill & Sushi

Our aura and atmosphere will envelop you and make you feel at home. You will return to Riviera time and time again to experience the ambience and tranquility of a truly unique and exotic oasis in the midst of New York. Join us at Riviera Grill and Sushi restaurant to indulge in a true form of art.

Our Specialties

Can you imagine a restaurant where you can take your loved one for a romantic dinner where everything is perfect? Delicious food, great atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable staff? Well, Riviera Grill and Sushi is a restaurant that embodies that perfection in everything we do.

French Cuisine
France is famous for being the home of some of the best and most exquisite culinary creations of the world. Our Chef Rodov has studied in France and brought the taste and feel of France to NYC. Read More…
Japanese Cuisine
Sushi has transitioned to being one of the most popular food choice of New York City. What distinguishes Riviera Grill and Sushi is our fresh ingredients and the genius of Celebrity Chef Andy. Read More…
Mediterranean Cuisine
This cuisine originates from 21 different countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea. It is a combination of foods inspired by places such as Italy, Greece and France and embodies flavors such as numerous herbs and seafood. Chef Rodov prepares traditional and exotic Mediterranean cuisine. Read More…
Russian Cuisine
Many people wonder What exactly is Russian Cuisine? Russian cuisine is truly an intermix of so many different tastes and is inspired by many cuisines of the world, since it is such a large territory. Chef Rodov has created his own menu of delicious cuisine mixes between Russian and French cuisines. Read More…

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